Show Production

Over the last years, there has been lot of interest not only to have a solo performance but also to present a complete show with more artists, with a concept, on bigger stages, specifically designed to certain events, themes and audiences.

Still, each of us likes to accept invitations individually, but we also combined our talents, and depending on the requests we are able to present different size and length shows, designed according to the needs of our clients.

You can choose the number of artists and the disciplines you would like to see on your event, we are also able to add an extra taste with live music accompanying our shows, depending on the size and type of performance you are looking for.

Most of us comes with theatrical, musical and circus background, or changed from professional sports career to performing arts, representing a strong variety of skills, and extraordinary achievements in their own field.

The main criteria we have for our artists is to make sure we represent a professional attitude not only for the period of the performance but also off the stage, which can bring a difference to the quality and the experience of working together.