Adrienn Banhegyi

After 15 years of competitive jump rope, holding 2 world records and winning World and European Championships several times, I was selected to be an artist of Cirque du Soleil. Having performed in New York City and touring North America for a while, I was offered to accept a new challenge in 2011, to perform my solo skipping act in the most well-known TV studios across the United States and Canada, promoting their show, Quidam.

Besides working for Cirque du Soleil, I was also part of many special events all over the world.
Having graduated as a P.E. and English teacher, I could not have wished for a better opportunity to keep going with my sport and practice my favourite foreign language at the same time.

Some of the most memorable ones are the Rio Carnival, Olympic Games with the Hungarian House, Los Angeles Crossfit Games, Aktuelles Sportstudio with Mario Götze and Franz Beckenbauer, Fernsehgarten with Olly Murs, Invictus Games, NBA Game performance for Orlando Magic.

Over the last years, I have started my own program for fitness with jump rope, also established a school program for children, a charity program for the ones in need, and I am keen on helping other artists to reach their full potential, managing their careers from the background. The meantime, I love to look for new challenges, and found promotion and marketing a great field to explore  – not only for artists, but also for companies, countries and individuals, who are looking for something different and more original in the field of advertising.

We love to set the bar high, and ready to turn even such a simple tool as a “jump rope” into a professional career!