Surely you are one of the best artists

THE BEST - France

10 seconds to compete against Adrienn: "No chance!

RTL NORD, Germany

Adrienn is candid, vibrant, down to earth, funny, brilliant and gracious.

Victoria Upton, USA

Rope-skiper extraordinaire Adrienn Banhegyi did not run away to join the circus. Cirque du Soleil came to her.

by Carolyn Kelemen, USA

That's why she is a professional...

FOX 2 NEWS, Detroit, USA

It's incredible, every time we see you on the stage, we are left with our mouth open.

Portaventura Management, Spain

Adrienn Banhegyi is a Hungarian master skip-roper. What one might consider child's play is, for Banhegyi a sport of Olympian proportions.

Jessica Goldstein - Washington Post, USA

Ganz, ganz stark

Ganz, ganz stark, ZDF Aktuelles Sportstudio - Fernsehgarten, Germany

Velites Loves Adrienn Banhegyi, and her mesmerising displays of jump rope mastery.

Crossfit Games - Velites Sport, USA

It was an honor to share the same performance space with you. You are amazing and we hope to work with you again soon!

Jaguars D-line at Invictus Games

Your performance has been just mesmerising.

Athlete of the Year Ceremony, Pál Schmitt - Olympic Champion Fencer, Hungary

Adrienn Banhegyi macht die Jury mit ihrer Seil-Performance sprachlos. Das war wirklich super, super, super!

Dieter Bohlen, Germany

Activate – Promotion – Freestyle

After a long a long period of doing shows with Rockabilly, back to the video business, on the streets of Berlin. We have been working on a project with Kitti Szasz , to mix jump rope and freestyle soccer, involving some of the more enthusiastic members of the public and get them activated to do some exercise […]


1950s – Rockabilly – Fitness

July was filled up with Rockabilly shows, and a fun photo shooting with Toofan Hashemi ( Toofan Photographie ) for fitness ads. We got some great news from our charity project with Ropes For Hopes , there has been a few hundreds ropes delivered to Vietnam, to a couple of orphanages, where we are planning a visit in the coming […]


June – sport events

In June, I was lucky to be one of the performers for the French Basketball Finals, in Strasbourg and Limoges. I also had the chance to work with a great group of Kangatrainers in Frankfurt. At the meantime, we have also started a fitness project, with a couple of scientific researches, which will continue in […]