Taking a jump rope workshop will not only help you discover effective ways of conditional trainings but will also enrich you with new ideas when it comes to planning your own or your customers’ training program.

The workshops cover the following areas:

  • how to perform a proper jump rope warm up

  • how to develop effective jump rope techniques

  • how to incorporate jump rope into our training program

  • how to perform basic jump rope tricks

  • how to create a jump rope routine how to work with a partner

We also offer more intense seminars for Crossfitters, sport professionals and fitness enthusiasts, who are ready to take their jump rope skills to the next level.
You will gain a better knowledge about how to design a proper jump rope workout, how to combine jump rope with different exercises, and how to protect your body from possible injuries while doing a demanding training with the rope.
If you would like to know more, do not hesitate to contact us!
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