Jump rope has been used for ages not only as a game for children but also as a workout tool in most gyms and fitness clubs. Over the last 40 years, jump rope as a sport has evolved tremendously, and today, the average use of a jump rope as a workout tool is far away from reaching its highest potential.

Our goal is to educate users of jump rope on how to perform a more structured and challenging workout, and on how to use the rope to its full potential, the most effective and rewarding ways.
We have been studying the beneficial effects of jumping rope, including new technics, adding them to our training programs on a regular basis, shows a great improvement on our cardiovascular endurance, coordination and concentration skills.

Our mission is to fill the gap between the current level of jump roping and the old fashion training routines that we could still see in most gyms.

We focus on educating sport professionals, personal trainers, fitness instructors and amateurs as well, who are keen on learning more about a sport that has a lot to offer on the level of fitness.