Jump Rope Show at the French Finals, in Monaco and Le Mans!

Rimini, Le Mans & Monaco

Started the month in Rimini, for Rimini Wellness Expo alongside with Boxeur des Rues for a weekend, full of jump rope classes, performances and of course, in general, with Fitness! The month continued in Hungary and then in France for the Basketball Finals, with not only a Jump Rope performance but animation as well, under […]


Jump Rope Show

Training month – KangaBurn

May has been great for working on a couple of new routines, experimenting with new tricks and adding some challenges to the regular trainings. It started in Paris though, with Popcorn Live Crew to be part of the entertainment team at the French Handball Finals. Then it continued to Budapest, Hungary to join the group of Kangatrainers for […]


Jump Rope Performance

Beeck & London

Off to Germany for a few days near Ammersee with Artistica Anam Cara for their training camp, to give a couple of jump rope workshops. Beautiful location, hard working kids and future artists! Thank you for the invitation! After Ammersee, back in Hungary for a bit to prepare for the next trips, back to Germany again, for Pape Macht Zirkus – […]