Jump Rope Performance

Beeck & London

Off to Germany for a few days near Ammersee with Artistica Anam Cara for their training camp, to give a couple of jump rope workshops. Beautiful location, hard working kids and future artists! Thank you for the invitation!
After Ammersee, back in Hungary for a bit to prepare for the next trips, back to Germany again, for Pape Macht Zirkus – what a beautiful event! This is certainly a show that will stay in my heart in a very special place! Super nice people, great organisation, absolutely amazing place and very unique atmosphere!

Next trip was to France, for a few days, a quick video in Paris on a sunny day, then off to London for a couple of workshops! Started off with a school visit in Brentwood, met a fun group of school girls for a 90-minute long jump rope workshop at St Martin’s School! Thanks to Curiosity 360 Producations
The day after, we had a sold out workshop in Gymbox Farringdon!
Cool group, plenty of jumps, lot of calories burnt!

We finished off the week in Kings Gym to open the new studio, again a sold out workshop with amazing level! Special thanks goes to Petra Steiner who took care of all the organisation!
You can find the videos in our the gallery! Have a look and enjoy some jump rope!