About Me

Are you making a living by jumping rope?

I never thought I would have to answer this question so many times in my life. But, I love to say: Yes, I am.

Adrienn BanhegyiAfter 15 years of competitive jump rope, holding 2 world records and winning World and European Jump Rope Championships several times, I was selected to be an artist of Cirque du Soleil. Having performed in New York City and touring North America for a while, I was offered to accept a new challenge in 2011, to perform my solo skipping act in the most well-known TV studios across the United States and Canada, promoting their show, Quidam.

Besides, my promotional engagements with Cirque du Soleil, I also work for German based companies on a regular basis, my solo act often appears on the stages of Variete Theatres and Special Events.

I always leave space for shorter engagements, such as Sport and Corporate Events, however, being a Physical Education teacher, I am also passionate about sharing my jump rope knowledge in form of workshops,  both for children and adults.