Surely you are one of the best artists

THE BEST - France

10 seconds to compete against Adrienn: "No chance!

RTL NORD, Germany

Adrienn is candid, vibrant, down to earth, funny, brilliant and gracious.

Victoria Upton, USA

Rope-skiper extraordinaire Adrienn Banhegyi did not run away to join the circus. Cirque du Soleil came to her.

by Carolyn Kelemen, USA

That's why she is a professional...

FOX 2 NEWS, Detroit, USA

It's incredible, every time we see you on the stage, we are left with our mouth open.

Portaventura Management, Spain

Adrienn Banhegyi is a Hungarian master skip-roper. What one might consider child's play is, for Banhegyi a sport of Olympian proportions.

Jessica Goldstein - Washington Post, USA

Ganz, ganz stark

Ganz, ganz stark, ZDF Aktuelles Sportstudio - Fernsehgarten, Germany

Velites Loves Adrienn Banhegyi, and her mesmerising displays of jump rope mastery.

Crossfit Games - Velites Sport, USA

It was an honor to share the same performance space with you. You are amazing and we hope to work with you again soon!

Jaguars D-line at Invictus Games

Your performance has been just mesmerising.

Athlete of the Year Ceremony, Pál Schmitt - Olympic Champion Fencer, Hungary

Adrienn Banhegyi macht die Jury mit ihrer Seil-Performance sprachlos. Das war wirklich super, super, super!

Dieter Bohlen, Germany

NBA Halftime Show for Golden State Warriors. Jump Rope Csárdás by Adrienn Banhegyi!

NBA Halftime Show

March has started with an awesome experience in Oakland, California! A halftime show for Golden State Warriors was on schedule – in Hungarian colors, this time they opted for the Csárdás, and a short interaction with the Golden State Breakers team. Super fun experience, which was topped up with a couple of jump rope meetups […]


Jump Rope Tour

Dubai & Czech Republic

Dubai has been super nice especially in the middle of the European winter, it is great to catch some sunny days before doing the shows! Again, just as before, Stories by Zinaida proved to be a great host and organiser of the performances! Thanks a lot for the invitation! Then continued with the Jumpplus World […]


Jump Rope - with the Jumpplus World team in London, we have been very active on promoting jump rope on all possible fields!

Jumpplus World Tour

November has been an extremely busy month with our Jumpplus World crew. We spent one week in Budapest for a Hungarian TV show (Csak Show és Más Semmi/You can do it!) right after we have finished, we had a full schedule of school performances and workshops starting in Hungary. We continued in Slovakia, then the […]